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2001 SAAB 95 - Lynn, MA - $2,200

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Up for sale is a black, automatic 2001 Saab 95 2.3 turbo with 102,100 miles. I bought this car in April of 2007 @79,640 miles and it has been a real joy to drive. Never missed an oil change (always done every 5k miles with synthetic oil). There have been no issues with the engine whatsoever. The car passed inspection in June 2009 at 97,764 miles. Recent work done on the car includes:

- New Battery as of 12/30/2009
- New front brake pads as of 99,238 miles
- 4 new tires as of 96,760 miles. They are 16" Hankook Ventus ES H105
- 2 new OEM wheels as of 97,703 miles
- Replaced thermostat, water pump, serpentine belt, idler pulley and tensioner pulley at ~96,000 miles
- Replaced Heater Bypass Valve (January 2009)
- Replaced front left wheel bearing + hub as of ~91,000 miles (Fall 2008)
- Reinforced driver's side blend door stop arm to fix ACC code 08 (Fall 2008)
- SID2 pixels are 100% visible with fix by bba-remaninc.

Current known issues with the car are:

- The heating system does not work properly. It is lukewarm at best on both sides. I first noticed this January of 2009 and took it to a Saab Indy who could not find anything apparent with it without gutting the center console (they wanted 900 of labor just for the diagnosis). There are no ACC fault codes however. It is due to this issue that the price is what it is.
- The rear-right window will not go down.
- The alarm module has been disconnected as of 11/28 due to it constantly engaging at random times
- Visually it has a minor dent on the driver's door and a slight paint chip on the right side of the back bumper (has been there since the day I bought it)

Some pictures:

Please let me know if there are any questions or if more pictures are needed.

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