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I bought this car locally not too long ago with the intentions of having a nice weekend warrior... I already own a 9-3 Vector 6spd , and I have a work vehicle.. I dont really need 3 vehicles . This is the biggest reason for selling.

when I got the car I immediately changed all fluids and some other service items

pcv update kit done
new cabin filter
new brake fluid( dot 4 super blue ATE)
new power steering fluid purchased at thesaabsite
new transmission fluid from eeuro
new coolant from thesaabsite
new oil (mobil 1 0-40)
installed a good used oil pan, cleaned screen so theres no worry there
new brakes and rotors all the way around ( at the moment the rear passenger ebrake sticks sometimes when the car has been parked for a day or 3)
genuinesaab intake
genuinesaab steering rack and brace kit (installed)comes with 6 point(not installed yet)
genuinesaab rear swaybar

if you want to buy it separate, a have full jt exhaust downpipe back with catalytic converter( new and never put on car yet)

car has a salvage title. I got this from a guy who bought it from an insurance company.. someone keyed the outside of the car and took a knife to the seats and thats what the insurance company told him as to why it was "totalled". to me the paint and interior arent too big of a deal . its the mechanicals that concern me. a new paint job and some new front and rear viggen seats and youre all set on the inside. I have pics of this in my webshots. all interior buttons work all windows are fine no problems on the inside as far as electronics. A/C and heat work great.

the only mechanical problem with the car is the transmission leaks. not too bad, but enough to where its going to need a new front seal(which I think you have to drop the transmission for) the fluid piles down at the bottom of the tranny and its not something I feel like dealing with right now especially in the AZ summer..

Ive driven the car to a few coyotes games in Glendale and back which is about 70 miles round trip from my house and its been great. I think the wheels could use a rebalancing as theres a very slight vibration but not too bad. Just had an alignment done as well

$5000 title in hand. car feels very solid and will last a long time. Id trust driving this thing across the USA right now there are lots more pics here


if you need high res, send me a PM with your email address
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