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Hello all.

Like the title says, I recently picked up a 2001 Saab 9-5 Wagon here in Seattle with 117k on the clock. I previously owned a 1992 Toyota pickup that I got well over 250k before gifting it in fine running shape, so I am comfy with both routine maintenance as well as moderately deeper dives, DIY mods and fixes. I'm not a mechanic and all "car work" is done on my weekends.

I have a very reputable Saab mechanic here in Seattle (Moe's Automotive) who I plan on using for the biggest of jobs and any large issues that (hopefully never) pop up. My goal is to get to 200k with this car, mostly city driving. Mechanic did a full inspection and oil change just to start from a fresh base with him knowing the general state of the car (tech2, etc). He also got me a couple of new keys. The car runs great, and I'm pleased.

I've been scouring the forums and saving the links to the usual sites, as well as researching minor issues that I am interested in tackling. Just like with my Toyota, f I do a repair or maintenance on the Saab, I will share my experience with others in the proper area. Here is what I have compiled so far:

Owner's Manual (have in PDF format, but would like the "book")
Chilton's Manual or Saab CD (can the CD run on a Chromebook)
Cabin air filter (part #)

Hood/Trunk Badges Saab part #s 12844161 (front), part#? (rear)
A/C Distributor motors or control arms (L/R)? (how to tell?) ACC codes 1-12 and 2-12
DI Cassette & Plugs (before really needed) Aftermarket ok?
Air filter (before really needed)
Rear wiper arm is broken off. (Worth replacing?)

Motorla silver "brick" in the rear right of the wagon (Can it be used for anything?) --> Can OnStar be converted to a useful hands-free setup?

What is up with the lights and the seemingly endless light switches and options? All my lights work, but there seem to be 5 different ways to turn on the lights.

How to get just fresh outside air blowing inside (not A/C)

I have the shark fin antenna and the radio reception isn't 100% clear

How to know if its the motors or control arm not distributing air to vents (other than defrost). ACC errors 1-12, 2-12

Best prices on replacement badges (not stickers)

Best online stores for parts (US preferred)

I'm sure there are more to come, but I just wanted to say Hi, thanks for the well-organized archives and useful search tools on this site. If any Seattle-area Saab people want to team up on mutual service or repairs, get in touch.
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