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Name: Kyle

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

Means of contact: Call/Text 410-446-6173 (It will make both of our lives easier :) )

Price: $5000 OBO


2001 9-5 Wagon, 180k on the body, 130k and change on the motor and transmission. Sun green metallic with black leather interior. This is an aero clone 100% mechanically. Matty Printz of Krona Performance built this car for me. AC blows ice cold, heat is scorching, heated seats and all power and memory functions work. See below.

Details :

Stage 3 MPS Tune runs 18-20 psi.
Do88 intercooler and hoses
04 9-5 Aero B235R motor
GS intake
Forge bypass valve
3.5 bar fpr
Aeromotive 340 stealth fuel pump
Poly subframe bushings
04 Aero brakes
04+ Front suspension (this includes the hubs and all associated suspension bits up front).
04 Aero interior
3 inch catless Boost Customs Downpipe and SaabSport Muffler with SEAT Leon Cupra R tip
- glowshift boost gauge.

Mechanical details :

- As stated, Matty from Krona did all of the above for me on this car. It originally was a shell with a dead motor and fuel pump. This was built in June of 2019 when the car had 175k miles.

- transmission replaced at 176k miles due to slippage. Original trans was from my old 99 frost gray car with 203k. Had a trans from a previous 01 9-5 my fiancée owned with 130k installed. When installed, I did new seals and shift solenoids from Saab. This was done by Harvey Richardson in finksburg. It shifts flawlessly, especially since it has new fluid :)

- water pump replaced by Wells automotive in Glen Burnie at 177k, HEPU brand.

- crank seal, oil pump o ring, chain tensioner seal and belt replaced at 177k by Harvey.

- Dummy cat (hollow) welded in by Harvey at 177k to pass Maryland state inspection. Passed in September 2019.

- sunroof drains were clogged and gone around 176k. Had new drains installed by Buddy Leak Doctor in Maryland.

- ac was inop when we got the car on the road. Found out it had bad seals at the fittings. New seals and freon now make it ICE COLD. Done at 175k.

- 4 BRAND NEW General Altimax RT43 all seasons installed at 179k. Also aligned at that time.

Now for the bad :

- Clear coat peel on front bumper and hood. Was going to paint it when it got warmer.

- fuel pump check valves are showing their age like all 9-5 are this vintage. Always starts the second time and has Never left me stranded.

- weird fueling problem at high rpm, narrowed down to a $200 fuel line off of esaab with a new check valve. I don't race it so I haven't worried about replacing it yet. Still gets 28 mpg on a highway trip.

Asking $5000 OBO. I love this thing. It is a great daily driver and a riot to pull on the latest and greatest vehicles on the road with it. Either this goes, or you buy my convertible I have listed as well. You won't find another 9-5 of this vintage built like this. Put paint on the hood and bumper and have fun. A sharktooth 04-05 9-5 aero bumper will be included with the sale.

Located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Thanks.


this image was taken when it was being built by matty :
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