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Sold: 2001 9-3 Viggen (Houston) $6000


2001 9-3 Viggen 5 door for sale in Houston. 103,000 miles, AC works, runs, shifts, drives fine. You guys are all saab experts so I don't have to tell you that it's a hoot to drive.

Typical viggen issues, SID is pixelated, the leather shifter knob is loose, fog lights are broken, CD player won't play CDs. I have the original wheels but they are curb rashed and 3 of them are bent a little out of balance. You're welcome to them, or if you're local I'll sell them separate. Typical wear, bumps and scrapes, but never been wrecked.

It's all stock except the wheels and even those are stock size/offset. Adult owned.

I've had the car for 6 years now. Time for something new. Email at [email protected] or txt/call Greg at 832-545-3675.

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