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Price: $2900 OBO

Transmission Type (auto/manual): Manual

Mileage (miles/kms): 183,000 miles


This is a California car, with no rust, in great running shape. It is serviced at Nordic Motors in Redwood City.

But, it is not in great cosmetic shape. There is one good angle (hello, title pic) and many more minor dents (OK, one big one on the driver’s door). All dents were before my ownership. No accidents that have involved body work or compromised structure or safety. It has a bumper from the SE model. I got it that way, and you don’t have to worry about scraping your rare Viggen bumper on every driveway.

Passes smog, no engine lights. It is model year 2001, so CA has OBD-only smog.

New Stuff
BlueSaab bluetooth audio input
Fuel Pump, Genuine Saab (2018)
Tires, Goodyear Eagle Sport AS (2/2019)
Interior bulbs replaced
New drivers seat leather
PCV 6 kit
Timing chain tensioner seals replaced, reverse switch replaced (no reverse lights) (11/2017)
New Throttle body, thermostat (11/2017)
Brake rotors and pads, battery, rear hatch struts, air filters, brake fluids (10/2017)
Genuinesaab short shifter installed

This is a great driver, and I haven’t gotten around to fixing some of these issues:
A few dead pixels on the SID.
SE bumper, with lip
Cracked fog light
Some smoke on startup - probably turbo
Oil consumption about 1L every 1000 miles.
Paint slightly faded on roof
Front left strut mount making noise.
Passenger seat drains battery overnight sometimes. Fuse is pulled as a temporary fix.

I'm happy to do a pre-purchase inspection at your cost nearby 94085. Local pickup preferred but open to shipping if desired. It road trips well, too.

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