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My first piece of advise would be to find a good Indy mechanic that knows his way around saabs. even if you have to drive 100miles to get there, its probably going to be better than giving up your car to a midas.

however, if you want to go the route of diagnosing this on the forum and by yourself, i would post a video clip of the noise youre hearing.

to me, it does not seem like a head gasket at all. and the noise that would be coming from a timing chain would be bone chilling. haha metal on metal. does the noise get worse when you are motionless in the driveway in nuetral and rev the engine? or only when youre in motion and the RPM's are rising?

the cold air coming through your vents is a pretty normal thing even when your ACC says the airs off... they are tempermental and break all the time. flaps break and therefore they dont turn off, stuff like that. are you still able to get hot air through the system?
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