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Hi everyone,

New to the forums, and as the subject states I have a 2001 Saab 9-3 SE turbo, stick shift, and I started having problems this past Tuesday. At first a plastic-y, rattling noise started from the front end, and that noise coincided with the RPM's (rattling got faster with increase in RPM's). Same noise repeats when I shift up to the next gear. It was loudest when it first happened (on a rainy night) and has quieted down a bit, but it's still there. Almost sounds like a diesel engine.
Likely the balance chain.As part of the super-maintenance 100-150K service, pull the valve cover and take a look..

The car seems to idle a bit lower than it had before (usually around 1000, now around 800-900).
Throttle body problems ?? This, and the attached TPS (throttle position sensor ) must be clean room clean.. This device is very sensutive..
When I talked to people about this I've heard many things, from the clutch to the timing belt/chain/guides, serpentine belt, pulleys, and a few other things. Do pay very close attention to the serpentine belt and its pulleys...these should be re-newed every 50K miles.
The cars history ?

When I took it to a garage they told me that it looked like a bad timing chain and guides. I was told that since Saab went out of business around 2005/6 (hadn't heard that before, after all they still make new cars) It, IMO, cannot be stated exactly when Saab went under....I'd say during the 80s...these things do not happen as a light bulb being extinguished... that it would be hard to find and would take a few days to find. The quote was $1050 for parts and labor. Money's real tight for me, so he told me that as long as I could deal with the noise it'd be okay to drive, but carefully. Additionally, later that day I was pulling out of the post office and heard a low pitched squealing coming from my car, and saw white smoke coming out of my exhaust for about 2-3 seconds, but that's been the only time that happened. Now along with the clicking/rattling i can hear a slight hiss coming from the vents, along with very cold air coming from them, with the air off. AC evaporator ??? I was told this may be a head gasket, but that hasn't been checked out by a mechanic yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love my car, bought it in October of 2011 and still owe a few thousand dollars on it, definitely want to keep it going.
Welcome to SaabCentral and enjoy..:cheesy:
$5K to fix, not 1K...
air conditioning
oil screen
not today but this year.
Monitor the fluid levels, religiously...
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