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Various parts for sale. Sold the project car and I still have some parts laying around. Shipping not included in price. All prices are "OBO" I can take more pictures by request if there is anything in particular you would like to see. PM me with any questions/offers.

Water/meth injection kit - SOLD - Cooling mist 200 psi pump with 1.5 gal trunk mount tank. Integrated tank level sensor. One T junction, two injector elbows. Three injectors of various sizes. Just need line, boost switch, and some power and ground wire to have a working kit.

Crossflow intercooler - $60 - has some tattered fins, as should be expected (it was used 140k miles). I straightened all the fins out best I could. Pressure tested, no leaks.

Intercooler hoses - $40 per hose - They are in very good shape, no obvious wear, no tears, no soft spots, no leaks.

Delivery pipe - $30 - Obviously no wear since it is hard plastic, i.e. not a wear item.

Exhaust manifold - $40 - Drilled and tapped for 1/8 NPT EGT probe, port matched to t25/t28 type flange (Garrett GT28** / Mitshbishi TD04). Painted high temp black.

Heat Shield - make me an offer.

T7 ECU - $60 - Working last time I had it plugged in. This was my backup mild stage 1 safe tune.

Steering Wheel - $60 - Standard Leather wheel with working airbag and radio controls. Leather is in very good shape, a couple small blemishes.

Oil cooler - $30 – The powder coat is flaking off all over, but it is aluminum so rust is a non-issue. It is the later type with slip in o-ring hose fittings with retaining plate, NOT threaded hose fitting type.

GS (Taliaferro) Sport Rear Engine Mount - SOLD– It was used for about 2 months before I took it out. The added vibration at idle wasn’t worth the performance benefit to me. (daily driver… yes daily driver/project car… I was a risk taker)

Alpine V12 MRD-M1001 Monoblock Amp - $130 – In very good working condition. Had it new since 2004. Had it in and out of the car a couple times over the years, probably was installed for a total of about 3 years. Stored in original box with original packaging when not installed. Still have original test cert and possibly the owner’s manual somewhere.

Alpine Type R 12” Subs - $80 for the pair – Both in good working condition. One has some cosmetic damage on the cone. They were hooked up to the above amp for around 3 years of use over the last 10 years. They were only ever run at 250 watts per sub (125 watts per voice coil), so they were never highly strained. I would rather not ship because of weight, but if buyer is willing to pay shipping…

Turbo Parts - make an offer - Stock Garrett GT17. Center section is garbage, compressor and turbine housings are in good shape. No wear from blades contacting housing.

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