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I'm grateful for all of the expertise I've received on here so far - a whole bunch of you Saab experts on the newer 9-3 forum helped me step away from a very overpriced 2005 9-3... and now... arrrgh!!! I found a 2001 9-3 on Craiglist (i've been looking all over the place...) - easy to get to from remote MT, and easy to drive home. Owner sounds really sane, a mechanic, so please (!) I'm begging for advice - I'll post the link and his response to my questions. Good deal or not? $4400
Thanks in advance!

Owner's response to my questions:

Hi, brakes are like new on the front and about 50% on the rear. No issues with the wheel bearings. I just replaced the lower control arm bushings but everything else was in great shape including the axles, struts, ball joints and tie rods. I'm a Saab mechanic and work with a friend who owns the dealership... so I usually don't drive the cars for much more than a couple of weeks until I find and fix any issues they may have. This car is very solid mechanically... strong turbo, good clutch, all the power options work, cold ac, and this one has traction control which is great for the snow. The only flaws I can think of are cosmetic. There is a light pink stain on the rear seat.. nothing real major as well as a few burn marks but no smoke smell at all. The body is in great shape with a few very small dings and light scrathes... not much for the year. Tires are excellent and just put in a new windshield. If you have any specific questions or need more pics, please let me know.
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