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2001 Saab 9-3 MAP sensor failure.

This problem started for me with a very tiny “bump” when I closed the throttle. From there it got steadily worse over a period of about a year. I experienced the same sudden fuel cuts and surges that many people seem have had and fixed by replacing the DIC, The Throttle Body, The Mass Flow Sensor, The Boost Control Valve, Check valves etc. I learned to drive around the problem while I haunted the forums reading of other people’s problems. I finally got the Check Engine Light and code for the MAP sensor failure. Unplugging the sensor (just to the left of the Throttle Body on the intake manifold) restored the car to complete drivability. If you are having the sudden fuel cut and surging issues with no codes you can unplug this sensor to diagnose it and still drive the car without problems.

Bob McIvor
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