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Well I've not been a Saab owner long but it needs to go already!

My parents have landed a new job so my other half will be moving in, I only used the car at the weekends and to go to hers so we are going to sell both our cars and get something together!

Some of you have seen pics on here before, But here is a quick rundown..

2001 9-3 Aero 'Coupe' Y-Reg
Pre viggen kit model but with the late 17" Wheels (3 mint, one curbed the other day

128k Miles
FSH (last service done by me though, Mobile 1 around 1k miles ago)
MOT Till Nov 10, Tax till Aug 10

Black leather, Heated and electric front seats
Cruise, etc etc

The aircon unfortunatley is bypassed at the moment (short belt, as pump was making noises)

Apart from this the car is in very good order for the age/miles - particularly the interior. Some stonechips to front bumper to be expected and a slight amount of rust near the Saab badge on the rear 3/4 panel where a stonechip has gone bad - I've not got round to having it done yet.

I have no idea what to ask for, I know what I paid a few months back but need some ideas on price please!

Private plate will be removed soon.

Thanks, Max

A few pics from December, and one at the end with a black grille which I painted and have on. (still have original)

The car is on pistonheads for £2495

May seem a lot, But its in great condition and I don't see many advertised really unless they are 3k+ with the late aero kit and in worse condition.

Dont let 128k put you off, It looks as good if not better than my friends Coupe on 68k

I will take £2300 cash
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