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New baby here, time to make some life changes and make some room. I had originally planned on keeping this car and rebuilding it from the ground up, but now the priorities have changed and it's time to move on. Someone needs to pick it up where I left off. First, let's start with pictures:

I built this car with the help of John Williams at JZW tuning. It's the car you see on the youtube video pulling and holding 26psi seen here:

This is list by no means comprehensive but i'll give it a go. It's worth thousands of dollars in just parts if you're a DIYer (like I used to be) and you can probably make off with good profit stripping it down if you'd like:

1. GT30r turbo
2. AEM alchohol injection
3. JE forged pistons
4. GenuineSaab intake
5. GenuineSaab front strut bar
6. GenuineSaab rear 3pt brace
7. GenuineSaab 6pt subframe
8. ETS intercooler from GenuineSaab
9. Forge BPV
10. Forge BPV spring kit
11. Koni Yellow adjustable shocks
12. Eibach 250lb/in rear springs (custom build)
13. 25mm rear sway bar
14. Swedish Dynamics front springs
15. Black Diamond 308mm front brake upgrade kit
16. EBC Yellow pads
17. Custom lightweight crankshaft pulley (1/3rd stock weight, balanced to . 10,000rpm)
18. TSW Nogaro 19x8 wheels
19. Falken FK452 tires x2 rear
20. Michelin Pilot Sport tires x2 front
21. Prosport gauges: Boost, EGT, Oil temp, AF (narrowband)
22. Hella 100w headlamps
23. Hella 100s fogs
24. Battery relocated to trunk
25. Ported & polished head
26. Ported & polished exhaust manifold
27. ECU tuned by JZW
28. Custom interior blue LED lighting
29. Custom blue LED trunk lighting
30. Viggen cams
31. Adjustable cam sprockets

1. brand new, unopened gasket kit from e-europarts
2. new ported and polished head in box
3. extra 19" TSW Nogaro wheel
4. extra stock ECU in box
5. pre-wired for subwoofer
6. i have lots of extra oil and filters
7. extra DIC
8. extra cabin filter
9. extra steering wheel

Please see the pictures in my old myspace profile in the link above. There are over 200!! Now for the bad part: The car is not running. I moved to this house 2 years ago and drove it here, fully expecting to keep working on it and eventually keeping it to pass down to my kid. It's been parked in the garage ever since and now it won't start or turn over. The car is located here in Las Vegas and will need to be flat-bedded out of here. She needs a new owner with a passion for wrenching. This is the perfect project car, that I no longer have the time or resources to keep working on.

I really hate to see it go, and it took me more than a year to come to this conclusion. I'm not listing a price, but like I said, it's worth thousands in just parts alone. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Please no low-ballers, and NO, I will not be parting it out. I simply don't have the time. Please contact me here via PM or email at [email protected] for any questions.

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bump. No takers? I don't even have a price listed. Just need a reasonable offer, the turbo alone is around $900. strip that plus the intercooler and you've got yourself an easy $1200. The 19" TSWs will with tires will get you a couple hundred at least. C'mon...someone out there gotta be able to use all these parts.... :cheesy:

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Ok that was quick. Got some PMs. I just want to be clear, I want the whole package to go. I don't want to deal with parting out and mailing things and blah blah blah. So buyer must arrange for pickup or transport.

First $2k takes it all. I'm quite sure you can double your money if you're willing to part it out. The JE pistons only have 500 miles on them. I'm sure you can get a pretty penny on those. The Koni yellow's practically new, like 3k miles. I'm tellin ya, this car is a treasure chest.

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great car. hate to c an auto in a car wit soo much work. if it were in the ct area id def pic this up and thro in a 6 speed an call it a day.
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