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I need to sell my Viggen, and am not looking for anything special on price. I've had it since 2008, and its time to get another car for the family. Is it perfect? No. Couple of details, and if you are interested I can send more pics.

Mileage: ~115,000

Engine: 2nd motor - installed a used Viggen motor 2 years ago. Still all original parts with no modifications. It has a recently purchased DI pack too.

Condition: its decent. Interior is fantastic. Exterior:
- driving lights are removed (they broke like they do on most of these cars)
- dent in passenger door
- upper corner of drivers door crinkled from stupid garage accident. Quote to fix is $350.
- Paint is in good shape.
- missing one of the covers which hide the jack area

Make me an offer - everything is under consideration. I'll post pictures later, but here is the picture from Sewell Saab when I bought it in 2008 (scroll down a bit).

(yes - we race a 1989 Saab 900 which you will see on that blog, as well as a 1982 900 we originally raced).
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