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2000 Saab 9-5 SE Wagon Symptoms
1.) Bought the car with 173,000 miles and stated transmission problems however it drove perfectly
2.) When the car was bought it had codes P0722, P0744 present
3.) After four days of running almost flawlessly it threw a P0730
4.) Now it won’t move in Drive or moves very slow and shudders
5.) Moves fine in reverse
6.) Holds on a hill in drive without rolling backwards
7.) Transmission fluid is brown and smells – Could this be the whole problem??? – Is it worth taking the time and effort to do this first??? – I read that flushing the transmissions is a bad idea
8.) I can buy a replacement transmission for $300 that has 120 on it with like new transmission fluid in it – Should I just suck it up and buy this transmission and put it in???
9.) Is there something easier and simple that we should try first???
These are the issues we are expiriencing, if anybody has any ideas or has expirienced this before it would be much appreciated!!! Thanks for reading!!
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