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Name: Location: Cleveland, OH

Means of contact: [email protected]

Price: $1000

Transmission Type (auto/manual): Manual
Mileage (miles/kms): 175K Miles

Up for sale is a lovingly-owned MANUAL 2000 Sabb 9-3 with 175K on the clock. Though the base model, this was owned by a Saab enthusiast before me and has a Viggen turbo installed from what I was told when buying it. With a upgraded computer and tuning to match (as well as boost gauges), this thing can move when she needs to and is a pleasure to drive. Below are some notes on maintenance/condition. Cash only - clean title in hand and ready to sign over! Please note the check engine light is on - I have mentioned it below but want to be clear on this point.

I am looking for $1000 FIRM. I paid almost $1,500 for this only a year ago and have since put in a further $1,500 of maintenance into her. I am leaving the country to do Humanitarian work and would rather sell at a loss than not at all. Great winter project car since it really only needs some routine/scheduled maintenance and probably some new tires. All work other than the muffler was completed at the Swedish Solution in Cleveland Heights. It may not be an Impreza WRX or anything, but she definitely would do well at a track if you go for fun, not to count milliseconds and has the nickname of "the sensible hotrod" with the Swedish Solution mechanics.

Recent Maintenance:

- New serpentine belt (50 miles ago)
- Upgraded washable performance air filter (5000 miles ago)
- Replaced brake valve (50 miles ago)
- New Spark Plugs Laser Platinum (3000 miles ago)
- Electrical work on instrument cluster (2000 miles ago)
- Front end lower control arms, ball joints and sway bar links (1000 miles ago)
- Front end stabiliser link updated assembly (1000 miles ago)
- Front end control arm assembly (1000 miles ago)
- New muffler, exhaust pipe and tailpipe (2000 miles ago)
- New 650CCA Battery (Nov. 2017)
- Meticulous routine oil changes with synthetic oil

Needs to be done:

- Rear brakes need pads and rotors
- E-brake needs to be tightened/checked
- Check engine light is on (evaporations system leak)
- Needs new D.I.C. (typical Saab maintenance item)

Other notes:
- Has some quarter panel rust
- Front passenger window is off tracks but fully closed (have parts to fix)
- AC control knob is broken but heat/air does work
- Trunk latch is sticking and I can't get it open - some lubrication and adjustment is all it needs as the lock works fine.
- Averages 27-30MPG
- Sunroof, electronic key lock and alarm, heated seats, large hatchback trunk, cruise control, auto-off headlights with ignition, WB Radio and more great features!

I will also include any other parts or tools I have from when I purchased/owned the car as I won't be able to take them with me overseas!

Cash and pickup only! Email for a quick response. More photos at:

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