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Hi all. Sorry, but this sold today. This was the good luck potion I guess. I will miss Saab's and SaabCentral. You guys rock.

I have had this car for 9 years and maintained the car in two ways...Dealership and Saabcentral. I have listed this on Craigslist, but here are the cars details. Please send me a private message if you are interested.

- Heated Leather Seats
- 8 Way Powered Seats
- Saab Cloth Floor Mats
- 230 hp high output turbo engine
- Powered sunroof with Sunshade
- Dual zone heating and cooling
- Harmon Kardon Stereo
- 4 Wheel Disk ABS Brakes
- Spoiler
- Tinted Windows
- 140,942 miles

I have priced the car knowing the following issues are present, but other than that, the car is in great shape and retains is exceptional Saab performance.

Fill Coolant Message - Comes on sporadically, but have had the pressures checked and the coolant volume is full.

TCS (Traction Control System) OFF indicator - This usually occumpanies the engine light if it comes on. It comes and goes, but I have never noticed a difference in the ride.

Service Theft Alarm - I removed the theft alarm siren because it malfunctioned and would be $2,500 to repair. The key fob still remotely opens and locks the car. The car will still engage all theft deterents if locked, but it just does not beep at you or sound the alarm.

Engine Light - Believed to be a DI Cassette misfire. This is sporadic as well. I have priced the car with the assumption that this may need to be repaired.

Rough idle - Not sure what this is, but it idles rough when in park and reverse.

Please let me know if you are interested.
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