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2 saab 9-5 aero's for sale as spares or repairs

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hi, i have 2 saab 9-5 aero's for sale, one is a 2005 manual in black with tan leather 156k, was my daily drive for 8 years but clutch is failing and ABS module needs changing. still starts and drives but if you try to put your foot down it wont have it, just revs high. it will still go fast enough to make the ABS module lights come on the dash (usually they come on after the car goes over 50mph) but the car still drives after the lights have all come on. the other aero is a 2006 dame edna type with 190k on the clock, also in black with white/black stripe leather, has MOT until october has LPG system fitted and starts and drives perfectly fine. it has developed a leak on the power steering (common fault, i changed it on the other aero about a year ago) also one of the coolant hoses is leaking now (again i change these on the other aero with neo brothers replacements) so it will need changing before being driven any distance. i was going to let "remove my car" take them both (£350 each is what they will pay) but i hate to see saab's go to the scrapper and they are both still good enough to be saved especially the first one which has been my best car owned for 8 years. i just thought i would try them on a saab forum incase they are what someone with better mechanical knowledge than me is looking for. i am based in NG22 area a short distance from the A1. my mobile nmber is 07752351452, feel free to ask me anymore questions.