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I know that this has been discussed before, but I am not at my brightest...
My dad has a problem with his stock 16v head and I thought he should use a 2.3L head.

Can someone please let me know the easiest way to do this, any extra parts needed and the benifits of actually doing it??

The head is off a '94 9k 2.3t.

Thanks for ya help when it comes.......


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I don't think you'd be able to use that head. I think it might need to be from a pre-94 car or maybe even earlier.

There's not really much point in putting on the 2.3 head unless further mods are planned or installed.

The effect that the 2.3 head will have is a lower compression ratio and larger ports. The valves are the same size though.

So if the car would work better with lower compression and bigger ports then go for it. Otherwise just keep the standard head.
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