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(Apologies in advance for the long post, and for no pics - they'll be up soon!)

I have the much-coveted ‘99 Saab 9-3 Viggen that I need to sell because I am going overseas for a few years (I’m currently in Houston). It has 122K miles and has been very well cared for mechanically. Interior is in excellent condition, just some driver seat wear, and exterior has a few scratches (the car was recently checked thoroughly for resale by two shops in Houston and they said there were no problems and that the car was “super clean”). Below is some more info about major things done to the car in recent years (I've excluded the early life services, as well as any normal wear & tear items like hoses, brakes, etc... maybe even a CV joint or two):

(Note that some typical 100K-mile failure items like the clutch and AC are essentially new)

Around 95K miles (work done at Balcones European Motors in Austin)
New AC compressor
New water pump
New coolant sensor
Two new engine mounts

Around 100K miles (work done at Swedish Auto in Austin)
New clutch
New GS open air intake
Rear Sway Bar
Steering Rack Brace & Clamp
New transmission box (due to slight leak)

Around 110K miles (work done at Prestige Auto in Houston)
New Nordic Stage 2/3 ECU (still have spare/OEM ECU)
New Upgraded Crossflow ETS Intercooler from GenuineSaab
New 3" Downpipe plus catback adapter from GenuineSaab
AEM Water/Methanol injection system
Performance Short-Shifter from GenuineSaab
New rear shocks (maybe struts too)
New Viggen OEM roof antenna
Phantom Grip LSD (have the part, but not yet installed)

Around 110K miles (work done at Pep Boys)
New Battery

Around 112K miles (work done at Westside Automotive in Houston)
Install new BPV

Around 120K miles (work done at TAP-VPI Motors in Houston)
Two New Engine Mounts
New Transmission Mount
Replace Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Check all exhaust leaks, etc.

Around 120K miles (work done at Westside Automotive in Houston)
New front O2 Sensor ($200 part so still have the old sensor which may be cleaned)
New NGK platinum spark plugs

Viggen shifter top
Sliding Front Leather Armrest with Storage
Autometer Turbo Boost Gauge
Door Cupholder
Wastepaper basket
Spare Viggen OEM Touch-Up Paint Sticks
In-dash CD, Plus Trunk Mount 6-Disk Players

Please note that I also have the following:
4 spare OEM rims with tires (only about 20% treadwear remaining)
Spare original Viggen T7 OEM ECU
Basic OBD-II Reader
Bluetooth OBD-II Performance Analyzer, Plus Software
Spare Viggen DI Cassette (these are ridiculously expensive if purchased new today)
2 Spare Charcoal Cabin Filters
DC battery station with internal jumpstart cables, and AC/DC power outlets

Note that this is not a complete list of things replaced (we can get that from my previous shops when needed). Also, I have owned the car for the past 6 years, been the only driver, and have had NO accidents (not even fender-benders, etc.). Um… just bumped it after typing this out against a parking lot pillar while making a tight turn so there are scrapes on passenger side wheel well (damn you, dreaded fate!). The car has been great about not giving me mechanical failures, too (other than the usual DI cassette, etc.). I also steam cleaned the engine every couple of years, and have never raced it or driven it on a track. Of course, all work done on the car at all shops is recorded, track-able, and available. Please let me know if you have questions, etc.

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Forgot listing price...

Oops, almost forgot..

I'm asking $8,500 based on the listings I've seen, but price is negotiable.

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Okay, uploading pics finally...

Sorry they're not as crisp as other peoples' pictures. I did what I could on a sunny day with my cell cam. Please let me know if you can't see the pics with the scrapes, or if you have questions about them.


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Tried to post with my email, but looks like it got filtered. Feel free to Private Message me - I'm sure I'll have the car still by the time you get here - I'm much more interested in selling to a Saab enthusiast than getting the best price.
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