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This is my first time posting here. Longtime Volvo owner and 2 years ago, we bought a very well kept 2005 9-5 Arc wagon for the wife. So has been a great ride.

My mechanic (A Swede car specialist that I bought the 05 9-5 from) has a 1999 Saab 9-5 SE sedan for sale. It has 80k miles on the clock and appears to be in amazingly good shape for its year. It is a one owner car that he took care of so I know it was maintained correctly.

I have been told by others to stay away from the V6 Saabs and only buy ones with the 2.0 or 2.3 engines. Supposedly, the V6 is more troublesome than the 4 cylinder motors. First hand, I know nobody that has owned a V6 Saab.

I can probably get this car for 4 thousand dollars or so and it is in amazing condition and all maintenance has been done on time.

Is the Saab V6 in these cars worth buying, or should I wait and try to find another 2.3 9-5? Since I have owned several Volvos (...and still have my 91 240) I am used to cars that give little trouble and want to avoid buying something that is constantly under repair.

We take the best care of our cars and do much of the maintenance ourselves. Our 2005 9-5 has 125k on the clock and my 91 240 Volvo has 278k on the clock and both run just great for their age.

Any and all advice on the V6 in the 9-5 sedan would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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