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Yes. TECH II would be an optimal solution. But you can do some 'no cost' trouble shooting to narrow things down.

I assume you have checked fuel pump fuse and relay as well as fuel injector fuse and ignition relay? If not, check and rule them out.

If all fuse/relays are good, spray some starter fluid into the inlet and try to start the car. If it starts, you have a fuel delivery issue. If it does not start, you have a spark/ignition issue.

If fuel issue, check the Schroeder (sp?)) valve on the fuel rail. Put some cloth / paper towel around the valve area and use a small screw driver and depress the valve. If fuel dribbles out, could be your fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump or check valves on the fuel pump lines or extremely dirty fuel filter.

If spark/ignition issue, check your ground connections (especially the one on the thermostat housing and inlet manifold (the bracket that holds the CPS and O2 sensor connectors). Clean if dirty. Also check the connector to the DIC. Although rare, the pins could fall out of connector and cause electrical issues. Clean the ignition barrel (search this forum, several threads with instructions).

Finally, how long ago was the CPS changed? Was it an OEM or after market. I've bad luck with after market sensors and they seem to fail prematurely. Your problem description kind of sounds like a bad CPS to me but could be many other things.

Edit: can you hear the fuel pump prime ("buzz") when you turn the key to ON? If you can't hear it, it is a tell sign of a faulty pump.
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