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1999 9-5 2.3 LPT flushing advice

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Hey guys, I'm back after 2 years of selling the NG900.

I recently acquired a 1999 9-5 2.3 LPT 5 Speed
The car has 124,000 kms. This car never had any recalls done with the PCV system or flushing of any sort.

I am eager to get this done. My question is, is it safe to drop the pan, do the cleaning and flush, without the update kit put on? Reason why I ask is my update kit may not be here until the end of this week or early next. I am scheduled to do my flush/clean up tomorrow night.

advice would be great! thanks.
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Zef I can't get M1 0W40 here. Special order and I'd have to sell my leg to get 5 qrts! lol.

I'm gonna order a case of 10 filters from eeuro on my next order.
Go find an Esso bulk dealer and see what you'd have to pay for Esso XD3 Synthetic 0W-40. Top top quality synthetic diesel oil that will work just fine in any 4 cyl 9-5.

For filters, lots of choice. I like the larger PT Cruiser Turbo filters - Motorcraft FL400 or Napa Gold 1516 are both quality choices you can find locally. Purolator and Wix both make good filters.
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