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I just bought a 1999 Saab 9-3 SE Convertible with 117k. This is my first Saab although not my only non-mainstream vehicle as I used to own a '79 Lancia Beta and a '79 MG Midget. :)

It is black on black and has an automatic. It is a very nice car. Everything works on it, although there are a few issues I am going to be working on. The keys randomly are not recognized, so I have to push the button on the remote to get it to start and I have only one remote. There is a small hole in the top on the edge of the rear window that I just put some Plastidip on to seal up. The prior owners (been in family since new) appear to have left the top down during rainstorms more than once (or the top had holes in it) so I am going to be cleaning and drying out some mildew/mold (just found that the part of the floorboard on the drivers side was cut out and patched where it must have rusted some years ago). Will have to figure out the best way to clean up that rubber foam sound deadening/padding under the carpet or find somewhere to get a replacement piece. (Pulled the carpet out and went and turned key on with only one seat in and set off airbag warning light - now need to find someone with a Tech II or whatever is used to clear out that code.)

I am in the Charlotte, NC, USA area. Any others out there nearby?
I am looking forward to many years of happy and fun ownership!
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