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Has anyone successfully installed a self dimming mirror on a 1999 (1999 to 2002) convertible without relocating the wedge mounting button that is glued to the windshield?

I removed the OEM day/night mirror and went to install an eBay Gentex mirror originally intended for a Chrysler product and it didn't fit. The wedge base was the right size, but the mirror was positioned too high.

The problem appears to be that the OEM mirror has the mounting stem attached to the very top of the back of miror, and the Gentex has the monting stem attached to the middle of the mirror's back. This elevates the Gentex mirror about 1-1/4 inches higher that the OEM mirror, which is enough to interfere with the windshield frame. There is not enough adjustment to make the Gentex fit.

The few pictures I've seen of Gentex and Donnelly self dimming mirrors all show their mounting stems going to the center of their backs.

I could always remove the mirror mounting wedge and glue it to the windshield in a lower position, but I would rather find a self dimming mirror that just fit.

So, has anyone done this install without relocating that wedge glued to the glass?
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