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Hey first, thanks Saab Central ..great site.

Ok, My daughters 1998 electric blue 900 se convertable threw the ABS light and the red triangle. 2 forgien automotive mechanics checked it out but I don't think that they had the proper tester. From what I've read, I believe they need a isat??

Anyway, they both said rear driverside sensor. I really didn't want to replace it without having it looked at by Saab dealership but the mechanic at saab told my daughter it would cost more to fix then the car would be worth, did I mention that it's a beautiful, in great shape electric blue, automatic. turbo, convertable? So to heck with him. :nono; I replaced both rear sensors about $200. and cleaned both fronts. (which were both pretty clean anyway. I shipped the abs mod for rebuild BBA reman..$120

ABS light and triangle both still light "when I reach about 10 mph or 16 kph" (Speedo now works.) Prior to that there is no lights. I sent the mod back to BBA this time with the pump, bench tested "OK" (free!)

Reassembled, no warning lights at all untill I start moving.

My home was devistated by hurricane Irean so car was put on hold. House is on a slab and I took 5 feet of water in my main living area. We have lifted it 8' so we should never have to worry about that again, but it took time!

This week I started tinkering again and I called the dealership and got the codes that they had pulled.

C0135, P0141, p1611 and there was also a note about t5 wire harness repair.

I believe from the info I paid for at that the


p1611- "Check engine request, shorting to ground"

C0135 - I can't find. ( He did say "C like in Charley") unless he mis-spoke and then it would be "P0135" which would make it a Front heated Oxygen sensor.

So my focus is now the t5 wire harness.

Where is it? How hard to change out, cost?

Any other thoughts are welcome. After my repairs, does the code need to be erased?

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