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Hi again,

I have seen a similar post in this forum, however I am looking at how the ignition switch is removed.

My ignition will not 'spring back' from Start to On, and I don't want to blow another starter motor.



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Ignition switch removal

Selector lever housing

To remove
1 Disconnect the battery's negative cable.
2 Remove the floor and centre consoles, see Service Manual 8:2 "Interior equipment".


Floor console To remove

1 Apply the handbrake.
2 Remove the ignition switch cover plate by first loosening the front part of the left-hand side and then loosening the rear edge of the plate. Finally, unhook the front edge.
3 Unplug the connector for the ignition switch lighting.
4 Undo the floor console retaining screws.
5 Remove the rear ashtray/cover plate.
6 Remove the rear casing.
7 Remove the floor console retaining nuts.
8 Detach the floor console by pulling it straight to the rear and lifting it up slightly.
9 Remove the interior lighting switch by means of a screwdriver, pressing it up from underneath. Pull the switch straight up. It is secured by clips. Unplug the switch connector.
10 Remove the window lift module by loosening the front edge (snap fastener). Unplug the window lift module connector. 11 Lift out floor console.

Centre console To remove

The floor console must be loosened and slid slightly rearwards before the centre console can be removed.

1 Remove the right-hand and left- hand side section retaining screws and slide the sections out of the centre console.
2 Cars with a manual gearbox:Remove the gear- lever gaiter, using a screwdriver. The gaiter is secured by clips.
Cars with ACC:
3 Press out the ACC module from behind and unplug the connector.
Cars without ACC:
4 Press out the heating control panel from behind.
5 Disconnect the air distribution shaft from the air distribution control.
6 Unplug the connectors for the air distribution control lighting, fan speed, heated rear window and air recirculation.
7 Detach the heating control cable from the air distribution control module. The cable is attached to an eyebolt and secured with a locking washer.
8 Remove the heating control panel.
9 Unplug all the centre console connectors.
10 Remove the expanding rivets securing the console to the dashboard. Press in the centre pin about 3 mm and withdraw the rivet.
11 Lift out the centre console.


3 Remove the air duct leading to the rear air vent and the two ducts leading to the centre section of the dashboard.
4 Move the selector lever to position N.
5 Release the indicator plate and its rubber seal from the selector lever housing and turn it to the side so that the mounting point for the selector lever cable will be accessible.
6 Release the locking screw for the selector lever cable's attachment to the selector lever. Insert the tool into the housing under the indicator plate.
7 Release the front cable mounting point.
8 Release the wiring harness on the right-hand side of the selector lever housing by snipping the cable ties and cable holder securing the wiring to the housing by the ignition switch.

Ignition switch and ignition switch contacts To remove

1 Move the selector lever to position P and remove the key.

2 Unscrew the four bolts securing the selector lever housing to the car body. Loosen the selector lever housing by such an amount that it can be turned to one side.
3 Unplug the wiring connector.
4 Remove the ignition switch contacts.
5 Remove the ignition switch.

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Its virtually the same, you just have to put the transmission in 4th, place a locking pin in the transmission, loosen the shift linkage and slide the shifter to 3rd to disengage the linkage, you will then be able to unbolt the shifter housing and rotate it to gain access to the switch underneath, this is in lieu of steps 4-7 in the 3rd part.

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Does the " spring back" of the ignition key (from start to run) come from the ignition switch or from the cylinder?
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