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Purchase of another Saab prompts need for prompt removal from driveway. Posting here first in case someone can use it. I will let it go for cheap, better than if it was sent off to the scrapper to be summarily crushed. It's a silver coupé (three door) manual non-turbo with the 2.3 engine. 392,000 km.

Asking price: $350 (Canadian) or best offer. Up to you to collect it (Lake Shore/Brown's Line area of Toronto).

Car in happier times:

Car does not run. The starter failed in January, and my attempts to remove it pulled the positive stud out of the alternator. Subsequently I cut the battery cable to the starter/alternator so that I could at least power up the rest of the car. :rolleyes:

]t might conceivably run if push started and the battery lasted. I topped up the tank with Shell 91 the evening before the starter went, so there's plenty of fuel. However, once it's rolled out of my driveway, it's your problem, not mine. :cool:

Pros/good parts:
  • Engine ran nicely, starting in the cold and using minimal oil between changes--about 0.1L per 1000 km. Car passed tailpipe smog test in the spring of last year with no problems.
  • Clutch and transmission had no obvious problems. Transmission has special shorter final drive used by non-turbo engines: about 2500 RPM in top gear at 60 MPH/100 km/h.
  • Car has Koni yellow adjustable shocks, purchased new in 2012. Koni has gotten cheap with the yellow paint, so the rear shocks look like they were pulled from the Titanic. However, front and back shocks all work properly as far as I can tell. Front springs were replaced (the original springs like to break).
  • Front brakes have Saab OEM rotors from about 2016. Rear calipers were replaced with good working used units (pistons not seized, bleeders not frozen) in November of last year. Front pads are Akebono with use left on them. Rear rotors and pads are usable, whatever I had on hand.
  • Headlights have carefully cleaned reflectors and TYC E-code lenses. The low beam is good and high beam better than the usual DOT. All outside lights are in good condition, no cracks or leaks.
  • Front, rear, and headlight washers and wipers all work.
  • Interior is charcoal cloth in good condition with no tears or crazy wear. However driver's seat heat does not work, and the seat tilt forward release doesn't always work.
  • All interior bulbs work, including cigarette lighter and window switches. SID 3 in good condition, all or most pixels working (depending on temperature).
  • Manual climate control knobs all work.
  • All cooling/heating system hoses were replaced in 2013 with good quality OEM or equivalent (no ProParts).
  • Hood is in good condition. Single strut for hood (taken from a 9-3) and struts for hatch work fine even in cold weather.
  • No ABS or SRS warning lights ever.
  • Car doesn't run (as stated right off).
  • Parking brake inoperable: probably the welded cable stop broke (again).
  • Instrument cluster was intermittently going dead, however engine and all accessories continued to work, so it sounds like cluster problem and not ignition switch.
  • Catalyst efficiency Check Engine code every week or two. One of the wires powering the coil frayed and basically snapped causing a misfire last summer. It was fixed and hadn't caused a problem since. This is the first Check Engine code in years.
  • Rust, including on the rear hatch around the rear shock mounts, and in the spare tire well.
  • A/C inop since 2016
  • Car loses a bit of coolant, I think from the radiator drain valve; typically I topped it up with Zerex G05 every month or two
  • Wheels/tires it's sitting on (not the ones in the pic above) are legally safe but rather worn and they'll vibrate
I also have a couple of sets of 15" wheels with good tires, accessories such as coupé roof racks, and new OEM spare parts such as clutch cable, windshield wiper blades, headlight wiper blades, cabin and air filters, that I will sell separately. As well I have a pile of used but usable parts of dubious value. I'm happy to deal with anyone who wants the car, to add them in.

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Looks like it's going to go to the crusher pretty soon if no one is interested in actually using the car for parts. Good by Konis!

Here's a picture, hey it's a coupé.


Lights work good:

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