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1996 Saab 9000 CDE Griffin 2.3 HPT, auto, dark red metallic. Reg plate "N1 SAAB"

With real reluctance, I am selling my beloved Saab 9000 CDE Griffin automatic, complete with registration N1 9AAB (N1 SAAB). The car has been cherished and cared for by me for the past five and a half years, and has been a pleasure to own and drive. It is quick, efficient and, being of Scandinavian origin, very, very safe. It began life as a dealer's demonstrator, so has every conceivable optional extra, and was then run for some years by the owner of APL Saab specialists in Kirkham, Lancs, where it has since been serviced and where I had some light Maptun upgrades carried out late last year. The car has never had any work done to it other than by some of the best Saab specialist mechanics in the country, and I have every bill and receipt dating back to year dot. Mechanically the car is absolutely spot-on, and has had upgrade work done to enhance the driving experience, including Maptun strut brace to tighten the otherwise slightly wallowy handling of the 9000, and uprated wastegate to improve turbo response, plus improved air filter and exhaust system to ease aspiration. These gentle mods merely enhance what was already a very powerful and smooth driving experience, and no tinkering with the APC or silly Abbott bolt-ons have been applied.

Engine: The car was serviced by a Saab specialist in the spring (160,000 interval service on age), and drives superbly. She has done 138,500 documented miles, and has a couple of months left to run on the MoT ticket. It passed last year with no advisories other than some slight scrubbing to the front tyres, which were replaced two weeks ago for two brand new Continental Eco Contact 3 tyres (a matching set all round). Work that has been done in the past five years includes: new OEM Saab brake parts all round; new exhaust parts; new fuel pump and direct ignition cassette; strut brace; new apc valve on the turbo and new Saab lamda oxygen sensor. The car had its only mechanical failure last summer, in which a small leak developed in the auto box oil cooler. This fault was swiftly identified and repaired immediately by D&G Motors of Granton, Edinburgh, and included new rad, auto box rad, cooling fan, relay and hoses, plus the system was professionally flushed and temp tested. The car has been run by me only on high-grade petrol (Shell V-Power or equivalent), and performance/efficiency do benefit as a result. Mechanically she has another 60,000 miles in her yet, and then some.

Interior: The upholstery is dark grey Bridge of Weir leather, with armrests front and back, and is in lovely condition throughout (bar a small rubbed patch on the driver's side bolster, which could be repaired). The car has mahogany trim to doors, dash and steering wheel. It boasts electric windows and sunroof, and an uprated Harman Kardon stereo system, with six-CD multi-changer in the boot and a cassette player, LW/MW/FM stereo with rds and removable security panel. The stereo sounds amazing, and you can attach a portable MP3 device via the cassette deck with a simple adapter (crystal clear playback). The radio works well on all three bands, the electric aerial rises and falls correctly and reception is good. The car also has a Parrot hands-free blue-tooth mobile phone kit professionally installed, so you can make calls from the dash from any blue-tooth enabled phone. The call quality is crystal clear. There's a Saab retractable sun-blind in the rear window, as well as climate control, which blows ice-cold or hot just as required. The cruise-control works just fine, and the dash, switches, windows, interior lighting, adjustable seats etc all work as they should. The only light which doesn't work in the whole car is the little orange cruise-control indicator in the dash display, which is probably just a simple bulb-replacement job. You also have to be careful not to turn the key too far in the ignition, as it is possible for it to stick in the far turnover position, but this is probably not a major fix, and just requires the driver to turn it back half a click after ignition. Other than this EVERYTHING works as it should inside.

Exterior: The car is in original metallic dark red, which is overall in fine condition. There are one or two annoying supermarket-car-park dings in some of the panels, and the front and rear bumpers are in need of being taken off and resprayed due to scuffing and a bit of crazing on the rear one. There is also one five-inch scratch in the topcoat on the rear driver's side door, and a large flat dent in the driver's side front under-valance. This has not damaged the paint and should be able to be to be popped out by a body shop; I just haven't had the time to get it seen to. The wheels are all original Griffin-type alloys, with some light kerbing and slightly mottled powder coat that would benefit from a refurb (see pic 7 above, which also shows condition of front tyres). The car is running on Continental Eco Contact tyres all round, and since the strut brace has been installed there has been no scrubbing or uneven wear. There is some cracking to the front numberplate, probably a stone-chip, but this is not an MoT fail, and could easily be sorted. The car has a tow-bar and electrics installed and is a fine workhorse, though I have only ever used it a couple of time to tow my parents' caravan.

Extras: The car will be sold along with the cherished plate N19 AAB (or N1 SAAB), which has been independently valued at £450 or more. The wipers are Bosch flatblades, and the headlight bulbs are uprated Osram Nightbreakers. The car is currently on classic car insurance, which is very, very cheap for a motor with this engine size/performance. It comes complete with V5, all history, MoT certificates and is taxed until March 2013. It comes with original Saab owner's pack, the Parrot hands-free kit and a solar-powered trickle charger to ensure the battery won't run down (it was replaced 18 months ago, so shouldn't be any problems on that front). Both sets of keys are present, and sale includes a full set of bespoke Saab Owners' Club embroidered driving mats. This really is a "just-add fuel" deal, and years of trouble-free, smile-inducing driving await.

Reason for selling: I have enjoyed owning this car so much that I recently bought a 9-5 Aero HOT estate which is a few years' newer to replace her. We can't afford to run two cars, so reluctantly this one has to go, but I really want her to find a good home. Should they be required, parts are easy to source from specialists such as TwoStroke2Turbo, Salvogroup or Neo Brothers, and driven prudently she will return almost 30mpg. I can't afford to do the niggly little bits and bobs to the bodywork that are required to put this car back to the "best in show"-winning condition she was in a few years ago, so she would benefit from finding a loving new home. If you're not a perfectionist like me, then there really is nothing needing to be done, and the car should pass the next MoT first time.

Please contact me if you want more info or pics (I can put some extras on Flickr), or just to chat about the car. I would recommend a test drive, so you know what you're getting when you buy.

Delivery/pick-up: I would prefer a nice, easy cash-on-collection deal, but if you want to do an AA check etc first then please let me know. The buyer will have to collect the car before 26th October, as I will be out of the country for ten days or so over half-term. I could potentially deliver the car, within reason and subject to the buyer stumping up a deposit and the price of a return rail fare. Feel free to contact me to discuss this or any other matter relating. Please email if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to help if I can.


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