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1996 SAAB 9000 Aero Manual Transmission - SOLD

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edit: the car is sold.

She needs a good home...
Hey guys, I'm new here. As a heads up, I'm going to be completely honest in this ad.

This was my first car, and I love it. The Saab Manual Trans is the smoothest out there. I've put a decent amount into this car and I want it to have a new, good home. This is a Virginia car, and it has almost no rust. What i mean by almost is that there are some rust bubbles on the rear driver's side wheel well. I'll add some pics. Its a really nice car, full leather recaro seats with heat and with an electric positioning system.

I've had this car since 2017 or 2018 and it has never let me down. Back earlier this year, I bought a parts Saab 9000 for some odds and ends I needed. Now, I have another full leather recaro interior. I also have several boxes of misc. parts and and box of seals.

This Saab has the 2.6L with the one big turbo. She has a clean title, and needs a new home. The last owner told me that this car was tuned to roughly 270 horsepower. Although its not getting that at the moment because there is a vacuum leak in one of the air tubes

The good stuff:
1. I just serviced the oil and filter on it last month.
2. I installed new front speakers and a gps
3. I recently put on newer Saab 9000 wheels and tires
4. I replaced one of the turbo air tubes
5. New tail lights and headlights
6. I have an entire extra recaro interior that comes with the car
7. I have two extra injectors that come with the car. (I have the red version on the car, and another extra red version, and an extra black version)
8. I have the original manual for the car
9. I have the original keys (2) and a key fob to lock/unlock the car, and to pop the trunk
10. New plugs as well
11. New aftermarket K&N air filter

Things that need to be addressed:
1. I was recently diagnosing the turbo system, and there are a few vacuum leaks. I've already replaced one of the air hoses.
2. Engine mounts. Only the top ones seem to be bad. They aren't horrible, but they aren't great. I bought one of the two, but haven't installed it yet.
3. The back driver's side door has a broken interior handle. I have another one for it, but I haven't installed it.
4. The plastic on the radiator is old and beginning to leak. It barely leaks. I also have a new full aluminum radiator for it which has yet to be installed.
5. The plastic gasket inside the steering column is wearing out, but its really cheap and easy to fix.
6. It has this weird lag between the key turn and the dash lights which is about 0-5 seconds.
7. The sunroof (or maybe its a moonroof, I don't know the difference) needs a seal, and the motor is wearing out. Both of these parts I believe I have from the parts Saab
8. the gas pedal is tight, and needs some wd40
9. The needle for the rpm seems to stick
10. the clear coat is peeling which is annoying, but my dad said it could be touched up easily

I have literally told you everything that anyone could bring up when pointing out discrepancies of the car.

To be completely honest, I bought this Saab as my first car, and as my dream car. I bought this car when I was 15 and used it to get the mail, since I couldn't drive it on the road by myself. I honestly don't want to sell it, but I need the cash for school and my start up business. Im listing it to see what interest there is in it on this website, and I'm going to list it on facebook as well.

Please no lowballing, if you really are interested, text me at 571-488-7763
I really want to see this car go to a loving Saab owner who will appreciate it.
I'm looking for $3000 or so...shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no


Here are some pictures:
She's a bit dirty, and in the pictures the hood is popped
(If you want more pictures and/or more info, text me please)





heres the link for facebook: 1996 Saab 9000 Aero Hatchback 4D
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