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2.3L 4cyl.
5-speed manual
Power everything
Heated Seats
Thule® Roof Rack
new rear rotors and brake pads
Recently inspected - good through 7/13
105,000 miles

Some issues:

Cracked bumper
Sunroof will leak if and only if the car is left stationary in a long, soaking rain
Windshield wipers work, but will stop wherever they're at on the windshield when you turn them off -- you just have to hold the control down until they return to their normal place.
ABS light comes on occasionally, but seems to be meaningless. I've noticed no difference in braking performance when this occurs. Several mechanics, including a Saab mechanic, have looked into this and couldn't fault with the ABS system.
Transmission was replaced last summer (2011) and reverse gear can be tricky to get into, but is fine once in gear.

Other than the issues listed above, the car runs great. It is located in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Feel free to email me with any questions. Price is negotiable, make an offer.
I can't upload photos for some reason, so I'll send them as email attachments upon request.

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