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Car Details:

1995 9000CS
120,000 miles (approximately, forgot to look last time I was in it)
2.3L Turbo 4-cyl
A/T, P/W, P/L, Pwr Moonroof, AM/FM Cassette, Cloth

Good/Recent Items

Tires 4 newer (within a year)
Heater Core Replaced 6 months ago
Starter Replaced within last 2 years
Rear Brakes within last 6 months
Serpentine Belt and Tensioner within last year
Battery service within past 6 months
Almost rust free body (small amount along front edge of hood (photo)

Items that need attention

Did not pass MA Inspection a couple of months ago for the following items:
  • Fuel tank has a leak (needs patch or replace) I found one at a wrecking yard for $126 (did not purchase)
  • Parking Brake Caliper Frozen
  • Exhaust Leak
  • Windshield washer fluid reservoir leak

Other items that I was going to address but are not needed
Brake Booster
A/C not functioning (everything is there so not sure if its a recharge or new compressor needed
Front bumper has a scrape on top (shown in photo
Rear bumper trim is loose (photo)
Rear center reflector planel is cracked (photo)

Also due for an oil change

Can be driven although probably best to trailer it with the gas tank issue.

My college-aged daughter was driving this until it failed inspection. Getting her something a little newer.

Price: $1,250
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