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Name: Clark

Location - additional details: Albuquerque, NM

Means of contact: Forum message


Transmission Type (auto/manual): manual

Mileage (miles/kms): 215K mi

I bought this 3 years ago off a buddy as a project car. At the time, it had a leaking clutch slave cylinder and exterior headgasket coolant leak. Engine and transmission both came out to fix these issues. These early 90's 9000's often have TCS, which fails and can be irreparable later in life. This car does not, which is great. It also has the aero trim, Recaro leather seats, Mitsubishi TD-04HL turbo. It pulls like a rocketship, just a blast to drive. But here's the deal - I don't really care about swedish cars and I just don't have the passion to keep up with this thing as a project.

The interior is clean and whole. No rips, no foam showing. It comes with an OEM, tested, functioning T5 cassette for troubleshooting, as well as a junkyard fuel pump. It will pass Bernalillo co emissions testing.

If you want to boost everywhere, you can drive the mileage as low as you want. If you drive like a responsible human being, you can get 32 MPG without a problem.

While I was in there, I replaced quite a few things. All parts are OEM where available:
New headgasket
New water pump
New performance clutch kit (OEM - $500, damn - that turbo is pricy)
New CV half axles
New Clutch slave/ Clutch Master
New turbo gaskets
New air filter/oil filter/etc
New belts
New radiator
Junkyard turbo boost pressure controller
New exhaust and intake manifold studs & gaskets
Cleaned fuel injectors
New tires - Ascend Yokohama AWD, bought new last fall.\
New battery, last spring

I'm sure there are a few more things. I have a spreadsheet of the parts, cost, and source somewhere that I can provide.

Slow oil leak out of an exhaust stud
Just a little smoke on start up, I think related to the oil exhaust stud issue
Check valve on fuel pump has failed, so it needs ~5s of startup time to get fuel to the engine.
Previous owner painted a primer patch over some failing paint on the hood - don't ask me why. It's about 6" x 10"

It runs and drives just fine, but needs to be topped up with oil occasionally.

Pictures (embedded pics or links to external albums are mandatory):

Additional photos, including interior:
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