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1994 Saab 900 S
Odometer: 227,450
Body Style: 3 door, coupe hatch
Motor: 4 cylinder 2.3 Liter NA (non-turbo)
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Green
Interior Color: Beige
Seat Material: Upholstery
Wheels: 15-inch steel

I am the third owner of this car, and my parents were the second. Car has a new (updated) shift link mechanism. Engine runs well and holds its fluids. Had been getting a solid 26-28 miles per gallon before I stopped driving it in June, 2009. The engine has been regularly turned over since then, and the battery on a maintenance charge. Oil changes were regular, and I have a good majority of the maintenance logs. She's a bit worse for wear, though. Here are the specifics:

No working AC
SRS warning light is flashing on the dash continuously
Shocks are completely worn out and need replacement (they make a lot of loud clunking noises).
Battery is on it's last leg
The gate mechanism for fifth gear, at the gear selector, is worn out…so you have to feel for the right spot to get it into fifth.
I pulled the factory stereo head unit (tape deck and radio) and put another in its place. A JVC KD-SH99. The new radio is not as tall as the original Saab, so there is gap in the dash below the radio. Saab made a small shelf to fit in just this gap, but I stopped driving the car before I bought it. The original stereo is available on demand.

Clean title, but two minor crashes (never reported)…

December 2007, slid against a jersey barrier on the highway in a blizzard and then into a pickup truck's bumper. Took out the left front corner (lights, grille, a radiator hose, EGR valve, Air Conditioning condenser, and of course bent up the hood and left front fender.) Replaced the lights, grille, and radiator hose. Disconnected the EGR valve and plugged the line (giving another 3-4 miles per gallon, which was nice), and bent back the hood and fender as best as I could. The hood latches shut, but I frequently had other drivers pull up to let me know my hood looked as if it was unlatched (to which I thanked them and said it was just bent…err…custom!). Hood opens, but the release leaver has to be held in the open position by a block of wood before you can go around to the front and release it the rest of the way.

February 2008, slid (again……really should have replaced those tyres) into the center median in a snow storm and the left rear quarter panel struck the metal guard rail. Took out by left turn signal and bent in the metal some. The light has been replaced and I did my best to seal in the gap around the light assembly with some roofing cement (its an ugly, embarrassing, jury rig of a job, but it had to be done..). The paint flaked off in this area and the metal has accumulated noticeable surface rust. I should have at least sealed it even though I couldn't afford the body work at the time, but, C'est la vie.

I am selling the car because in June '09 I moved to Seattle, but left the car behind. It is at my parents house in Gales Ferry, CT. I will be the point of contact and arrangements to view and test drive the car will be easily arranged. I will be happy to answer any questions about this car. I am asking $800. Payments should be made by cash or certified bank check only. Thank you for looking and please shoot me an email or phone me regarding your interest.

Higher Resolution photos here:

[email protected]


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