For Sale- 1994-98 Saab Reproduction Sun Visor Clips. Original part numbers on an original piece would be 90 379 434 and 20 20 496. If these fit 9-3s from 1998 to ???, please let me know, as I don't know myself.

I own a 1997 Saab 900 that I bought as a junker and the sun visor clips were both broken. Since I could not locate many good original pieces, I worked with a partner and created some reproduction pieces with a 3D printer. These are not perfect copies of the originals, but are as close as we could get. There will be some slight design differences, as seen in the photos. They may require some minor sanding or slight adjustment with an X-acto knife to get perfect fitment of the metal clip that is inserted inside this plastic piece. The metal clip is NOT included, nor is the mounting screw. You must supply your own original metal clips and mounting screws. Please see photos for a comparison of the original piece versus the reproduction (original is on the left, reproduction that is for sale is on the right).

The plastic used in the 3D printer is a higher-quality UV-resistant version. I took one and installed it on my own Saab and it fit very well. I left it on my Saab for 4 months while it was at a shop getting major work done, from August to late December, with mostly outdoor storage, so it went thru extremely hot days and extremely cold days over that time. No warping or cracking developed. I will provide a 3-month warranty on these, from date of receipt of clip.

Please post or PM if any questions.

They are $20 each plus $5 shipping, or two for $38 plus $5 shipping. Local pickup in Woodbridge, VA is free. Please PM me if interested. -Chris