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selling my K reg C900 S convertible LPT manual, in metallic black, and tupperware trim
I had the chnace to get an 'L' reg C900 similar so I got it, so now mine is for sale.
Have owned it 8 yrs and was going to keep it till I was not able to drive..hopefully at least 20+yrs
has the T16 ex trim, intercooler, new suspension 2 yrs ago, new roof 3 yrs, and anything that needed doing has been done, except the few rust scabs(cleaned and painted over) and a ding, that were going to be done proffesionally next year
it is on flea bay item nbr 161390994864 so can view the pics on there, or can em me with any questions or pics required [email protected]
As some of you know, I have had 40+ C900's so now a fair bit about them
Kreg has 179500 miles my replacemnt has 177k+ so not swapping for lower miles as such lol, just for one of the last ='L' reg looking for about £1600 offers
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