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I am selling my 89 vert because I just got a bought a 90 3 door.

It is red. It is a 5 speed turbo.

The vert needs someone to love it.

There is some rust. The wheel wells are in surprisingly great shape, no rust at all. The bad spots are the sides of the hood and the floor in the backseat on the passenger side. I have a rust free hood I will include, it's just needs to be painted to match.

There was a hole in the roof that has a temporary patch but could be sewn up by someone with some skills.

It is registered and driven daily right now. Everything works but there are just a lot of things that need to be tended to on the horizon and I also needed a more practical car. Not much cargo room in the vertible.

I'm looking to get $1100 or BRO.

Make no mistake, no tow trucks, no trailers, you will drive this home.

Please ask questions, or PM me an email address for pics.
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