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I'm selling my 88 model year Saab 900 Turbo 16S Aero with "red box" APC pack. I'm looking for 4750 Pounds for it. It is used daily and well looked after . It is in Brussels.

I'm moving abroad, that's why I sell it.

It has the usual Aero package; 175 bhp, brown leather interior, electric mirrors, windows and sunroof, heated seats, cruise control, etc. Plus it has Panasonic CD/MP3 player, an extra set of Aero wheels for the winter tires.. The winter tires are still good. The front summer tires are new. The car is black.

It has 451.000 kms on it but it runs very well. I believe (and my mechanic tells me) it is very well looked after and it has good years ahead.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Steering part

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Regularity rally Classic car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Regularity rally Classic car

Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Sunroof Vehicle door

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat

Body and interior(seats and roof) are good. Roof upholstery is recently changed(I'm no smoker).

If you're interested you may contact me via e-mail or phone +32 473 465173

I'm adding some photos in attachment.

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