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1984 Saab 900 speedometer problem

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My speedometer stopped working, or rather it worked intermittently and now has stopped altogether. The last time it worked was after I hit a big bump on the road and it abruptly came back for a couple hundred miles but stopped again. I disconnected the speedometer cable and lubed it and tried to spray some lube in the back of the speedometer as well. It worked for a while and has stopped again. The cable itself seems to be fine as the odometer is working correctly. Does anyone have an idea what's going on? I know with the odometer there is a gear that slides out of mesh with another gear and that's what seems like going here as well, but I don't know the inner workings of the speedometer. Taking it out seems to be a big pain in the butt, so I didn't want to take it out unless there is an easy fix or at least one I can do myself. Otherwise, I'll live with no speedometer, like on most of the Alfa Romeos I have!
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Well I lubed up the cable and the back of the speedometer itself to the best of my ability and I pushed the cable back in....and low and behold the speedo worked again. It's worked for the last month.....I fully expect it will stop working again!
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