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1984 99GL - Funny Noise

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Finaly managed to put the brakes back together on my 99GL (1984) after about 5 months(i know im slow).

Took it for a test drive to find that the gearbox is making a very loud scrubbing/scraping sound when pulling away.
It also makes the same sound when its not moving with the clutch pressed fully in if i put it into first and then push the gear lever slightly further forward.
It does not make the noise in neutral with the clutch up.

Any ideas what i could do to solve this problem?

any help is much appreciated
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Hmm, not good! I think the first thing to check is if the pulley bolt is tight. If not, there's your problem! Do you have any oil leaking from that area?

My crank bolt hit the bulkhead, but for a different reason:

Bit spooky that your problem came up when it did!
Here's an H pulley - although your bolt should be closer to the type in the B engine. That bolt type with spacer is what caused my headache!

Another thought, how are your engine mountings? If they're loose/worn, especially the front one, then that could be your problem.

Awkward position? You're not kidding!!!
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Well it looks to me like the crank pulley is definitely out of position. Here's the one on Blu'y:
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If you find you need a crank bolt and or replacement pulley, PM me and I'll give you the email address of someone who has one available (I just swiped the gearbox from his car!).
This is possible, hence the possible need for a pulley - but it's impossible to tell from the photo.
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