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I am looking to sell a Navy Blue 1982 SAAB 900 Turbo 4 Door $1000.00 OBO with 67k original miles and garaged it's entire life except the last two years and only Two owners. Oil changed frequently and never any major issues. The car was taken to SAAB and looked over and said to be in great condition for it's age. The car ran great but in trying to start it rencenly the battery has died and won't hold a charge. I did start it last year and it still ran well. The body is in great condition, it has all logos and badges and is not missing anything cosmetic from interior or exterior of the car. The front driverside fender has a small ding and a spot where some paint started to flake off, the front Driver side Turn Lense is also broken. That is the only damage to the car. The sunroof had a seal issue and the plush light blue interior is not in the greatest condition due to the moisture issue, It needs a new or reupholstered head liner sunroof seal and new carpet.
This car would be great for someone who wishes to restore it or someone who has a older SAAB and needs access to body, engine, interior parts. I don't have the time or money and the car has been sitting for two years so I want to sell it before the car starts to deteriorate.
The car needs a few things to be road worthy.
It needs a full break and caliper job. Aprox $700.00
Turbo CPU Aprox $200 (not needed for the car to run just no turbo.)
Battery: current battery is shot
Tires: tires are dry rot and need replacing. One tire has gone flat.
To invest 2k into the car would make it a very nice classic SAAB and be worth double the investment restored.
note* I replaced the main computer about two years ago but when the brakes needed to be done I parked the car and it's been in my driveway since.

**** The Car Is NOT Curently Running you may need a tow or flat bed to transport.****
The car will start with a booster.

If all else fails I would concider parting the car out as well and I'm willing to ship parts anywhere in the US
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