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I've been searching a lot, but it's hard to get a reply. All the tuning firms working with this of course doesn't want to tell me too much about the process because they want me to buy their products instead.

However; I have a SAAB Aero 2.8 v6 -07, and I am looking to upgrade this turbo from a td04hl 15t to a td04hl 19t. One firm told me I could buy their compressor and just Bolt it in to my existing exhaust housing. This raises a lot of questions.

1. Can I buy any td04hl 19t and just replace the exhaust housing with the stock one? if not, why? and how come that firm could sell me one that is bolt on?

2. If the stock td04hl 19t can't be bolted on to my existing exhaust house, what is needed to modify it so that it does?

I'm trying to learn as much as I can about all this, and I want to know the mechanics of all this to understand why, how and when all this works and the differences between different setups.

I would be really really happy if anyone could help me with this. I would be really thankful!

all the best

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