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hello to all members once again.

after doing my homework for at least 3 days reading many posts in here i decided that it would be wise to start an upgrade of my non turbo saab engine with better spark plugs.

i read many threads like this one

but i am rather confused.......

correct me if i am wrong.........

1)Saab 93 1.8i Linear 2004 has a .039mm gap right?
2)NGK seem to be the more widespread used in here with the fewer arguments.
3)cost is not a matter about an engine material that is so vital like a more pure electrical combustion to get............

can u please recommend me the right spark plugs for my 93?.......except the better mileage, fuel consumption and engine durability.......are there any other benefits?

thnx for reading that big post and sorry if i dont yet have a clear view on the subject......but the information amount through all these threads made me a little dizzy;oops:

i assume the spark plugs for the 1.8i are the same as for the 2.0 non turbo model?
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