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Hello fellow saab lovers :)

I bought a beautiful 06 Aero convertible a few weeks ago from a member of this forum, and so far I'm enjoying the hell out of it ;ol;

I've got exactly one niggly problem. I've started to get an error on the SID for the driver seat being unlocked - it thinks it's tilted forward rather than locked into place. I'm 100% certain it's just the microswitch has failed or a wire has come loose as the seat is nicely locked into place.

So I started digging around and bought a workshop manual off ebay on DVD to fix it myself. After the fun of getting the manual installed (it uses a 16 bit installer which won't work with 64 bit windows!) I finally got to the instructions for replacing the microswitch (369f). At first it looks simple, but step 1 was "remove belt reel inner cover". OK, no problem, but clicking on this step leads to another step 1, "remove the seat trim and cushion"...hmmm, more than I'd like to do - it's a 14 point procedure, but clicking on step 1 of this procedure leads to "Remove Front seat, CV". Now that seems way too much, and also into the realms where I could cause some safety problems if I don't do it properly.

Has anyone else done this fix? Do I really need to remove and disassemble the whole seat to get at the microswitch?


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