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Now REDUCED price.

Reluctantly for sale is my Saab 9-3 2.0 SE Turbo Auto. 02 plate, 98,000 miles. With Sports mode and Winter antislip mode, great looking car, £££ fortunes spent. Ive had it since Jan 2010. 3 former keepers - First year registered with Saab dealer, then two private owners before me. Ive acquired a low mileage Laguna - dont laugh - and one has to go.

Electric windows, electric mirrors, climate control, part leather Turbo embossed seats, radio/single CD, SID in good order, looks great and drives superb. Very well maintained. Refer to full history below for details.

MOT Jul 2014
TAX - can be bought at cost.

New Parts in 2013:
Poly Track Control Bushes
Rear Discs and Pads

Upgrade bits:
Steering Rack Clamp
Anti Roll bar
Poly Track Control Bushes
PCV Breather Kit
Drive Belt, Pulleys and Tensioner

Price: £1225.00
Location: Portsmouth.
Contact: 07709 644 905

15 Apr 2002 10 miles Reading SAAB Pre Delivery Stamp

2 Dec 2003 11,650 miles Squire Furneaux Dealer

6 Dec 2003 11650 miles Squire Furneaux Service Stamp

28 Jul 2004 18,592 miles Squire Furneaux Replace front discs and pads

16 Dec 2004 22,260 miles Squire Furneaux 30,000 mile service Stamp
Service fully synthetic oil, filters, glove box lamp, adv sump oil leak, clean and reset throttle body, replace cam cover bush.

14 Apr 2005 25,318 miles Squire Furneaux A/C service and regas

13 May 2005 26,557 miles Marlboro Motors MOT

20 Jan 2006 33,920 miles Squire Furneaux 42,000 mile service Stamp
Service fully synthetic oil, filters, service front brake calipers and new pads, new rear discs and pads, retorque head bolts and clean oil from leak, aerial mast, wipers, bulb, adv coolant leak at water pump

15 Jun 2006 39,238 miles Squire Furneaux Service A/C and regas

21 Jul 2006 40,636 miles Squire Furneaux Replace A/C Compressor and regas, new battery

Dec 2006 – IDM replacement letter - Saab recall

13 Jan 2007 43,500 miles Anthony Betts Hemel Hempstead Dealer sold

17 Jan 2007 43,575 miles Lincoln Saab Test for faulty remotes

29 Jan 2007 43,880 miles Lincoln Saab Replace aerial receiver, reprogramme remotes

20 Nov 2007 53,717 miles Tyre Pros Aylesbury 205/50R16 Prestivo PV7000 91V tyre

26 Jun 2008 60,545 miles SWSS Saab Cardiff 66,000 mile Service New water pump, replace front pads, new rear exhaust clamps, oil and flush, air vent & fuel filters, auto fluid change

23 Sep 2008 New Turbocharger £458

14 Mar 2009 68,000 miles ATS 2 x 205/50VR 16 Avon ZV5 TL

2 Jul 2009 72,281 miles Appleford Engineering Abingdon, 10,000 miles service & MOT. Oil Air Fuel Pollen filters, plugs, wiper blades, Exhaust inter & middle

4 Jan 2010 Turnpike Garage Abingdon Water pump and belt

21-Jan-10 AMR Oil Flush & Change Int Svc

22-Jan-10 Buzzard Exhausts 2 Tyres

18-Feb-10 Buzzard Exhausts 4 Wheel Align

03-Mar-10 AMR R Discs Pads, Anti Roll Bar, Steering Rack clamp

14-Apr-10 AMR Labour F Discs Pads, Drive Belt, Pulleys and Tensioner

15-May-10 MotorCare Exhaust clamps and re hang
19-Jun-10 PFS Heater control

28-Jun-10 MotorCare Pirelli P6000 x2 + front wheel align

02-Jul-10 AMR MOT, AC Comp check, brake pipe 79736 miles

02-Sep-10 AMR Air Con Compressor Bearing, PCV breather Kit, Oil flush & Change 81800 miles

14-Sep-10 AMR Air Con recharge

17-Jun-11 AMR MOT Oil Flush and change 86506 miles

19-Jan-12 Battery Megastore Yuasa 096 Battery

23-Jun-12 AMR MOT 91707 miles

12-Jul-12 AMR Oil & Filter Change Service rear brakes 91920 miles

07-Aug-12 Blandford Heights Power steering pipe replace 92812m

28-Aug-12 SAAB St Johns Rd Alarm Tilt Sensor

08-Apr-13 Temperature sensor

23-May-13 Whites Ssea Exhaust supply and fit

11-Jun-13 Whites Ssea MOT Oil Change Lube svc 95028

13-Jun-13 Whites Ssea Air Con svc & Re charge

28-Jun-13 Whites Ssea Alternator replace

23-Aug-13 Whites Ssea Tyre valves

02-Sep-13 Formula One Auto wheel balancing

30-Oct-13 MotorCare Leighton Tyre Swap, wheel balance

08-Nov-13 Whites Ssea Fit Air con pipe & re-gas, rear discs and pads

19-Nov-13 Whites Ssea Poly Track Control Arm bushes


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Lovely looking 9-3. I've owned a Laguna, trust me keep the Saab and get rid of the Lag, Renault invented the electrical gremlin! :evil: Sunroofs that will open but won't close, window mechs the same, key cards not recognised, immobiliser faults for no reason, water in the footwells, wiper motors under water (see previous fault). They are a nasty, loathsome evil car.

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Yes I hear you Kermit :D
But most of the Lag probs are documented now and fairly straightforward to fix or pre-empt by maintenance and replacement.
Not much different to a Saab really - Ive had loads of things go on Saabs but they are easy to fix due to the forums and knowledge.
The Lag has very low mileage and was very cheap, so if it all goes wrong I can bin it ;)
I was actually looking for a newer 9-5 and the Lag turned up. Hopefully someone will see the diamond my 9-3 is and make me an offer.
Its going on ebay soon, and will be sold :p
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