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I have a 2002 9-5 Linear Sedan with light green paint. Automatic. I'm going to send it to the junkyard soon, it has 210k+ miles and I don't have room for it (4 Saab's in the driveway now!). I originally bought it for $700 and put about $500 of parts in to it, got 20k miles out of it, now it's time to go. Primary reason for ditching is it needs new tires and a possible rear main seal leak.

Has a bunch of new front end suspension parts as well. I'd ship 2x fully assembled moog front struts for the right price (has new mounts and bearings, spring is used), but I also may just keep those around for when one of my main drivers need it

Black interior. Wooden trim. Headlights were just polished. The black trim going around the car was recently painted. 2 keys.

Also have in addition to all that: spare headlights, blinkers, grilles, a radio, and some other misc stuff (couple of BPC valves, diverter valves, etc)

Message me for any pics you may need. Paypal/venmo accepted

Let me know what you want, I'll pull it, and I'll charge cheap + the cost of shipping, bubblewrapped. Shipping from 04072.

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