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Classic Saab 900: Cleaning your Throttle valve

Article by P.Whiter, 1990 900i 16v

A dirty throttle valve can lead to all sorts of hard to diagnose problems, so if you're having trouble with poor idling, occasional missing or even excessive fuel consumption, cleaning the throttle valve is one of the first things you should try, it costs next to nothing, you need very few tools, and it only takes a few minutes. Ideally this should be done as a matter of routine every few thousand miles.

Throttle valve locationThe first things you have to do are, remove the air duct between the Air Mass Meter (AMM) and the throttle valve housing, you can see the two clips that hold this in place in the photograph, loosen the screws (arrowed) and this will pull away easily.

Next thing to do is to remove the AMM, so as not to inadvertently damage it or spray cleaning fluid into it. As you already have the air duct out of the way you only need to release the clamps/clips securing the AMM to the air filter housing (arrowed), then disconnect the wiring block. Handle the AMM gently as this is a fragile and expensive component.

Throttle valve closed Now you have access to the Throttle Butterfly valve, you can see it quite clearly if you look in the valve housing (photo-right).

To clean this you need an old toothbrush and an aerosol can of carburettor cleaner. Be sure to use plenty of cleaning fluid, and rotate the B/valve by turning it from the outside, by doing this you can clean both sides of it , pay special attention to the edges. By the time you have finished cleaning this it should be good enough to eat your dinner from!!

Once you have everything back together you may find that the car smokes a bit initially, this is only the cleaning fluid burning off and wont last long. Good luck.

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