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  1. 9-5 Workshop
    I have for two days now that problem. 10/10 heavy white smoke at cold start when driving heavy cloud off blue greyish smoke with a strong burn smell . cars behind me stay at distance pour oil for 50km more than 1 lt oil. no special coolant level down. after reading some posts here it mean...
  2. 9-5 Workshop
    Hi Lads, had a run out to-day after 60 miles parked up to get cash to of a hole in the wall (ATM). Jumped back into car started car griffin 9-5 noticed a white smoke (well it was not blue) it could be white/grey came out the exhaust revved the engine more smoke then cleared. Checked the car...
  3. NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    1996 Saab 900 SE Turbo with 141k miles smokes intensely at start-up and then stops after a two to three minutes. I've done some research and it could be leaking turbo seals or the head gasket. No significant coolant loss. Here is my plan: 1. Smell the smoke - I think it's sweet and coolant, but...
1-3 of 3 Results