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water leak

  1. Water leaks in trunk and rear seat!

    Auto Detailing & Body Repairs
    I'm new to this site and have done some searching, but cannot find any solid info on what I need! I am getting water leaking in the sub-trunk, c pillars, AND back seat floor in my 87 900 hatch. I've checked the drains and drain holes that I can find, but feel like I'm missing something. I think...
  2. Water leak through windshield

    9-5 Workshop
    Hey all, NG9-5 is getting water leakage I'm pretty sure from the moulding strip at the top of the windshield. I tested around the sunroof, and that drains fine front and back. Tested along the top of the windshield, and droplets fell inside the car from behind the headliner and down the...
  3. Leaky cars What's the source?

    C900 Workshop
    It's that time here in the northwest when we get supper wet...really wet as of lately. :roll: I want to know of some spots that you have found to be the source of your water leaks. I have a 1992,93 and at this time two NG900 both 1997. Its a battle to keep the water out. Seems like the...
  4. '05 saab 93 arc - passenger front floor standing water

    9-3 Sedan, Cabrio '04+, Combi, 9-3X Workshop
    Hi All - i've researched quite extensively here, but have yet to see any posts about what i suspect to be the culprit of my water leak. So; over the past year, i've noticed varying dampness in the front passenger floor. Whether after rain, snow, or car wash. Mostly subtle dampness. Further...
  5. Trunk Leak - Fuel Filler Door

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    Subject: Trunk Leak, '97 Saab 900 SE 4-door. This is one of the trickiest leaks to find and easiest to fix. I had to do a lot of digging around on forums before I was tipped off to this. I was getting a lot of water in the passenger's side of the trunk. When I pulled out the liner I was...
  6. Water leak

    NG900 & OG9-3 Workshop
    I have a 1998 900s 2.3L 5 door. Water is coming into the trunk somehow and it's getting wet back there. Any tips on finding the leak? Any ideas? The car has not been in a crash or accident. The rubber weather strip seems intact.
  7. Water leaking from head Gasket?

    9-5 Workshop
    Hi, everyone, yesterday I posted for some advice on what I thought was a leaking hose. Today in desperation to find the dreaded leak, I think I have found it! to cut a long story short, there is water (not mixed with oil) coming from a very distinct spot on the join between the head and block...