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  1. Temp Gauge lying low at -15`C

    9-5 Workshop
    I thought I'd be a Happy Camper Texas Cowboy riding this 2000 9-5 5 speed Stallion, and now this is proving like riding a "stalled" "onion" with a host of crap I faced. Well.. I wont tell ya' the whole story of how many times it got sick and what medicines I gave it...cos of a lot of you...
  2. Rebuilt my K-jet system - No start

    C900 Workshop
    Hello, My car is a 1984 N/A 8v (european market, i.e. K-jet w/o lambda). I spent yesterday afternoon putting back all my K-jet system together. - New OEM Bosch injectors from Rockauto - Rebuilt fuel distributor - Rebuilt warm-up regulator. All fits in nicely, no fuel leaks. Car fired for 15...
  3. Taking a while to warm-up

    C900 Workshop
    When I start my car it takes a while to warm up. I think this is because as soon as I start the car the fan kicks in. Should it kick in as soon as I start the car? I thought it being a thermo-fan it would only turn on when required instead of on the whole time (And yes I know there is 2 fans but...
  4. Low gear until warm-up?

    Saab 9-2X, 9-4X & 9-7X Workshop
    I'm a proud owner of a new (to me) 2009 9-7X 4.2i. Got a great deal (due to accident on the carfax...crossing my fingers) - 14,650 (40.8K miles). My mechanic said that the collision repair job looked great, and he had no concerns. Good title. Question - each time I've driven the vehicle when...